Venue Policies

The Lakehouse must be booked at least two (2) weeks in advance, unless a shorter time period is approved by Lake Nona.  Residents of Laureate Park may book the Lakehouse up to thirteen (13) months in advance.  Non-residents of Laureate Park may book the Lakehouse up to twelve (12) months in advance.
Client may request to reserve the Lakehouse in advance of submission of the Deposit and signed Agreement.  Within thirty (30) days of such request, Client shall deliver to Lake Nona the full amount of the Deposit and this signed Agreement.  In the event the Deposit and signed Agreement are not received by Lake Nona within such thirty (30) days, this Agreement will be null and void, the date referred to herein shall be cancelled, and Lake Nona shall be under no obligation whatsoever to make the Lakehouse available to Client for the Event. 
Lake Nona conducts non-exclusive on-site walk-throughs of the Lakehouse on a regularly scheduled basis.  Prior to execution of the Agreement, Client is required to schedule and complete their on-site walk-through.
Any change to the Event Start Time or Event End Time must be approved in writing by Lake Nona at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the Event Start Time noted herein.   Please note that 10:00 PM EST is the latest time that the Event may end.    
The Lakehouse must be rented for the duration of the Event, as well as time necessary for set-up and breakdown/removal of decorations. All decorations and/or equipment must be removed at the Event End Time unless permission for extended removal has been granted by Lake Nona.  Lake Nona reserves the right to remove equipment or decorations at Client’s expense after the agreed upon removal period.  Lake Nona is not responsible for any items left beyond the agreed upon removal period. 
Lake Nona reserves the right to approve all decorations, signs and signage.  No signs or banners are permitted on the exterior of the Lakehouse.  Nothing may be screwed, pinned, tacked or applied with adhesive to any part of the Lakehouse without prior written approval of Lake Nona.   Tie wraps, streamers, etc. may be used in certain instances.  A drawing or sketch showing the final placement of all elements not provided directly by Lake Nona or Canvas including decorations, stages, tables, dance areas, speakers, video monitors, plants, bars and serving areas must be provided to Lake Nona at least two (2) weeks prior to the Event.   
Glitter, sparklers, confetti, bird seed, rice or similar items are not permitted in the Lakehouse.  The use of candles, open flames or other such flammable devices (including “sterno” heaters or other devices used to heat or warm food, unless provided by Canvas) are not allowed.  Advance approval in writing must be obtained from Lake Nona for any special effects (strobes, fog, haze, ice sculptures, food fountains, etc.) that are to be used.
Lake Nona shall have the right to approve any outside contractor or vendor hired for use by the Client.  Lake Nona will, upon reasonable notice, cooperate with outside contractors and vendors.  All outside contractors and vendors must submit proof of licensing (if applicable) and insurance (including but not limited to general liability, auto, liquor and workers compensation, as applicable) naming LP Lakehouse, LLC as an Additional Insured.  Client is responsible for any damages an outside contractor or vendor incurs while in the employ of or under contract with the Client.  The Client is required to provide a full vendor list with primary contact information not less than two (2) weeks prior to the Event. 
Photography within the Lakehouse is allowed for non-commercial/personal use only.  Commercial use of photos, video or other media in any publication or website containing images of the Lakehouse must be approved by Lake Nona in advance.


Cancellations & Refunds

The cancellation policy for all Lakehouse events is
If event is cancelled less than 60 days prior to the event - deposit forfeited.
If event is cancelled less than 30 days prior to the event - 50% + deposit forfeited.
If event is cancelled less than 7 days prior to the event - 100% + deposit forfeited.